It’s ‘Us’

We struggle to find enough money to maintain the parish Church, which is there for all 7000 residents in the parish.  There’s been a church in Worplesdon for over 1000 years and we ask you to help make sure it will be there for generations to come.  Every bit helps and if you would like any further information at all, please speak to the Church Office or a member of the clergy.

Our parish Church is mostly funded on a Planned Giving basis through the generosity of some 150 parishioners and supplemented by funds from the recently formed Friends of Worplesdon (plus some recovery of income tax via Gift Aid).  We get occasional grants for specific purposes from outside bodies (e.g. SITA Trust grant towards the restoration of the Tower). We also get a regular contribution from the civil parish council towards the maintenance of the churchyard which is still open for the burial of any who live in the parish.  There is some fee income from weddings and funerals but most of this goes out to cover costs or is paid to the diocese.

Apart from that, nothing. No tidy sum from the central Church of England or the Diocese of Guildford (we fund them through Parish Share), no government grants and there’s no ‘they’ who should pay for this or that – it’s just ‘us’.

We are generous to a range of charities chosen by our members, both through events during the year and giving from our regular income.

The PCC Treasurer publishes detailed accounts every year – usually on display in the churches in mid to late April.

But although there are a lot of costs of buildings and services, your church makes a little go a long way.

Please be one of ‘Us’. To play your part in helping the Church maintain its buildings and grow its mission in Worplesdon, you can take part in Planned Giving too.

If you would like to give a certain amount annually, you can send a cheque to the Hon Treasurer c/o the Church Office. However, many like to spread the giving by contributing by monthly standing order or by weekly cash contributions in specially marked envelopes which go in the collection. A smaller number give cash in the church collections each week but as this can’t be Gift Aided, it is better to give by Planned Giving.

Whatever method suits you, it is your church and it needs your support just as your family, house or car also need looking after. The only people who will know how much you decide to give are the Planned Giving Officers, the Gift Aid Secretary, the Treasurer and, in certain cases, a Church Warden.

For a Planned Giving form, please click here.

For a Gift Aid form, please click here.

Please return forms via the Church Office marked ‘Confidential – Planned Giving’.

If you need to change the amount at any time, just get in touch with the Planned Giving Officers, c/o the Church Office.